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Our services are not limited to garage door repairs, as we offer gate installation and full repair services also

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Our company is a great choice for both garage door and gate repair services. Garage Door Repair Huntington Station is a full time/service contractor and has the right foundations to cover multiple needs. Your wish is our command since we have a wonderful team of experienced technicians to take care of problems, consult you and service your automatic gate or garage door. In any case, you can be sure that our company only offers quality services since each team has specialized knowledge and the professionalism to troubleshoot systems thoroughly and fix problems properly.Gate Repair Services in New York

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We repair gates and their components with diligence and respect to the requirements of each one of them. There are various types and styles and are used for many applications but our expertise remains a constant factor which ensures great services every time you call our company. You can depend on us for anything you want including:

Gate intercom system services

Intercom systems are rather complex and their technology changes very fast. This is the main reason why our technicians keep training and learning new things about novelties. We are very knowledgeable of all gate intercoms and have the expertise to install, service and repair them.

Residential gate opener repair

We repair operators carefully and we are equally thorough when we maintain them. If you encounter problems with any part of the automatic opener or you thing the gate doesn't close properly due to opener issues, trust our service. If you are not sure about the origins of the problem, still trust our technicians to conduct automatic gate troubleshooting.

Gate posts repairs

We fix any problem with the posts since their stability will ensure that the gate will move properly. They are the most important supportive parts of the mechanism and sometimes improper installation or natural wear will require our intervention for repairs.

Swing gate hinges services

Hinges do not break or are destroyed easily. Though, the way they are installed and welded is important to their longevity. Steel materials will rust sooner. We take care of such problems with immediate repairs. We are available for their services and we can check, replace and weld them.

Rolling gate track and roller system service

Both tracks and rollers are replaced when they are damaged, rusty or broken. We can install galvanized rollers with internal or external support and galvanized brackets and we can also install tracks of different shapes. Our services also include the repair of bent or misaligned tracks and loose rollers. The response of our repairmen is fast and the service impeccable.

We are a transparent company with nothing to hide. We can give you quotes for each service and inform our customers when extra work must be done. One of the greatest qualities of our technicians is their honesty. We don't have hidden charges and our services meet your demands in terms of quality, speed and longevity. We make changes which will last and will affect your lives in a positive way. We are the experts in gate systems and always here to share this knowledge and help you relax and enjoy a safe system.

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