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Our goal is to assist garage door owners by providing professional repair, maintenance, and installation services. Here we go one step further and offer free information and advice to everyone who’s interested in garage maintenance.

Regular garage door maintenance can be the solution you're looking for. The brackets that keep the tracks in place are attached to the wall with bolts. When one or a more of them get loose or damaged, the brackets can detach and the tracks can get misaligned. The best thing you can do is to regularly inspect these bolts, tighten them when they get loose and have them replaced when they become too damaged.
When it comes to design, there is a great variety. For example, there are traditional models which often have ergonomic shapes. There are also visor remotes that are designed to be attached to one of the car’s visors for convenient operation. The mini clickers can be added to a keychain. There's also the multi-code remote, which can be used to control a few different openers simultaneously.
There could be several reasons this keeps happening. There might be a buildup of dirt or some other debris inside the tracks, and it's forcing the door out of alignment. If the tracks are bent or misshapen at some sections, the rollers could be slipping out. Regardless of what's causing the issue, you need to have your track inspected by our experts to make sure this problem stops reoccurring.
You can try replacing the rollers and bearings of your door, or lubricating them, as well as the springs. Noise may also come from your garage door opener. Chain-drive units are known for being loud, so if you have one you may consider replacing it with a belt-drive model.
According to our experts, AC motors are cheaper and easier to manufacture. In contrast, DC motors are more expensive, as they are more difficult to make. The latter also requires additional components to make them work with standard AC current in most homes. Speed control is easier in DC motors.

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