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Our company has been repairing garage door openers for years. We know how to fix any issue and replace any part. Read through this page to find out more about our services.

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Garage door openers can always be improved in a wide variety of ways. Here we want to talk about some of the most attractive upgrades that can be applied to your current electric garage door system. As a professional repair company, we are best placed to install such upgrades perfectly and without flaw. See if any of these would suit your preferences.

A Belt Drive

Garage Door OpenersIf you think your drive system is in need if a change for the better, it's hard to beat the quiet functionality and smooth working nature of a new belt drive. They are often incredibly quiet and create far less noise than chain drives, although it is common for them to cost a little more. We can ensure the drive is perfectly fitted to your system. Having the part expertly installed in one of the best ways to ensure it has a greater chance of avoiding trouble in the future.

Smart Connectivity

Tired of losing your garage remote or having to use your remote clicker? Have a smart drive instead so that you can control your door with your mobile phone or tablet. See important stats, operate the door from anywhere with an internet connection and keep functionality away from children, all from your smartphone or other mobile device. The other advantage of this form of activation is the fact that you can track how your door is used throughout the day. Keep tabs on your usage and that of those within your home.

Garage Door Opener Services

Get in touch with Garage Door Repair Huntington Station today if you're interested in making changes to your current garage door setup. We can help with installing drives, new styles, and all other opener components. Let our trained professionals handle it to ensure you get best results.

Call now to arrange a call out or to learn more about any of our repair or installation services. We can fit any upgrade, part or entire door to meet your preferences. 

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